Become a virtual BOSS on Simuland game!

Are you dreaming of becoming the boss of your own company ?

Nobody give you orders to do something or not to do another thing ; be the only master in the place ; take all the decisions ?

Make thrive your company, gain market shares face to your competitors. And become the Big Boss of Simuland by dominating the market and all the other companies.

>> Let's go on !

 Month player rankings

# Level 1 Points
1 JiM63 50
2 ju.julien 40
3 joko 37
# Level 2 Points
1 Knut 120
2 terence69 93
3 ikrame 91
# Level 3 Points
1 Chrismic 524
2 gomina 480
3 fitco 366

 Simul' Chat

23h05 29/07stefkiller
Hello all
10h03 26/07stefkiller
22h52 29/05stefkiller
8h03 14/05stefkiller
13h53 27/03Leis
6h00 20/01mohamedkabbara
salut les copains
7h05 13/01mohamedkabbara
6h25 13/01mohamedkabbara
en paix
6h25 13/01mohamedkabbara
salut je viens
6h16 13/01mohamedkabbara
alo les gas
6h14 13/01mohamedkabbara
salut les copains
15h19 26/11walbe le lyonnais
Vive la france <3
5h22 15/10Buddha
dont tell me we're on the same game man -_-
5h22 15/10Buddha
ouiii ^^
5h12 15/10marie_orton
buddha? Anne? lol
4h57 15/10Buddha
hello ^^
17h21 30/09puntosoave
18h05 26/09ArrowW
Speak german?
2h58 25/09ArrowW
4h07 15/09ArrowW
the chat is dead