Number of products to be manufactured

You have workmen? You have machines? Now, you have to fix the number of products you wish to see leaving the line productions of your company. It will be necessary for you to make the right choice and as well as possible estimate the number of products which will be sold at the end of the turn in order not to lose sales, because of an undervaluation, but not too much not to produce either because product stocks cost a lot, and it will have to be sell out next turns.

Selling price of the products

To fix the selling price is not an easy thing in a very competitive market: fix a too high price and the customers will see what your competitors sell, put a too low price and you will reduce your margins. This balance must be done thanks to your experiment on the market.

The customers pay attention to the prices but also to the quality of the products. They will not buy an expensive product if it is not good quality or at the point of technology. Go on the page “Marketing” to invest in R & D.

Storage costs of your products

Each product stored in the warehouse has a cost each turn: $10. So be careful to adjust correctly this stock.

Type of target market, and associated transport cost

Depending on the number of products sold, your business will expand its target market. So if:

  • less than 150 product sold: local market,
    with an associated transport cost : Ex: 2 / product
  • less than 300 product sold: regional market,
    with an associated transport cost : Ex: 6 / product
  • less than 450 product sold: national market,
    with an associated transport cost : Ex: 10 / product
  • more than 450 product sold: international market,
    with an associated transport cost : Ex: 14 / product

Raw materials

They are used as primary product to manufacture your products. They thus will determine the final nature of your products. You have the choice for your company between three suppliers proposing raw materials of various prices and quality. Thus, according to your strategic directions for your products and of depending of your finances, you can choose between:

Sim World Supplier Company

This company provides raw materials of poor quality but at unbeatable prices. You will choose it rather when you wish to produce in big quantity, products of low quality.
For information, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not one of its concerns.

Sim Limited Company

This company provides products of midrange price with an average quality. The level quality /price ratio is interesting.
For information, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is monitored as in the average company.

Simon & Sons Company

This company provides raw materials of very good quality. However quality has a price, and thus you will have to pay the full price to buy them.
For information, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is very important for this company, which therefore has a high level in this area.

Personalised calculations

Like all other pages, you can place here custom calculations. This can be useful to save the calculations you make regularly (eg sum of two data, ...). Many opportunities are available with these calculations personalized, such as share them with other players, using those of others that you find good, note and comment on those of others ...

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