They trust in and play on the site:

  • ISIV : engineering school
  • ENSELEC : Electrotechnical BTS
  • POLYTECH FQSC : Montpellier Polytechnical School

They play and are of the most diligent :

Chrismic, Abidjan, lemajicien, Romain13, lubo, Ofrank, CRAB, gomina, Fred78, JoeKila, nononono, Titof, fullas, kad, Raoh59, joeygalo, romulegolfeur, myrmi, lexwin, Unik, Figa, razouzou, samdeuxm, theboss27, xavierrr, zykou, Loustaou, NicoPouch, sebun, Cubanismo , rkammerdijaci, yaudus, EINSTEIN, Potionmagix, Kiriku, jjacquesc, SimuPhil, Napol, XxprodujeuxX, hadrien4789, ...
And many other...
This is a dynamical list, thus play and you will be there too !

They help us to develop the website :

  • WEBMASTERS : stefkiller, fluminis
  • Moderator : Chrismic, lebarbare, jeremya, kad
  • Website Development help:
    • paupinou (design)
    • jeremya (fonctionalités)
    • gigi (finances)
    • miniploutch (comptabilité)
    • French version : stefkiller, fluminis
    • English version : lebarbare, stefkiller, fluminis

 Simul' Chat

10h46 15/03BHUPESH123
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12h50 12/03KissKH
12h20 12/03KissKH
3h30 28/02Tidbit
How do you play this game?
10h13 09/02culturemonkey
https://culturemonkey .io/solutions/remote- work
10h26 08/02rameshdw
https://www.dextara.c om/
14h15 06/02marlinwilliams
fake money
7h13 26/01Laxman m/data-science-course -in-chennai
18h09 02/12THECWRST
17h40 17/11charline_adm
7h51 04/11stefkiller
3h01 02/09Gfuevhh
13h46 03/08amliaw2122
13h45 03/08amliaw2122
19h30 16/06HAM
hey guys, why am i 41000 dollars in dead
19h22 16/06HAM
among us sus
20h08 09/06WASTEJ
11h57 20/05alexbrn
salut les loulous
11h57 20/05alexbrn
15h54 15/03tholeb
vroom, je suis une voiture