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The first thing to make before to start to play on Simuland, is to register. It will not take you more than one minute to fill some personal informations. The most important data is to return a valid address email, because an email of confirmation of inscription will be sent there.


Once the inscription carried out, one needs log on the site: fill in your login and your password. You are then automatically sent on the page: “Select a game”.

We draw your attention to an optional data: once registered, you can upload an 'Avatar' from the page my account. This image will represent you in Simuland in the various sections: forum, friends part, share of personalised calculation,… and give a personal aspect to boss you are about to become.

Connection form
- Connection form -

Join a game to begin to play

The page « Select a game » is shared in three parts :

Select a game
- The 3 parts of the page « Select a game » -
Games in progress

That corresponds to the games in which you currently play. If you have just registered, this section will be empty. If not, you have all the games in which you play. To enter one of the games available, click on “Play in a game”

Join a game

This section corresponds to all the games in which you can take part, but in which you do not play yet. On this page, choose the part in which you wish to play, and click on “Join a game”. Your company then will be immediately created, and you will be able to start to play. Once you started to play in a part, you will be able to find it in the section "Games in progress".

Finished games

It is the games in which you played and who are now finished. That enables you to see the results of your companies and to see the statistics and the classification in these games.

Description of a game and how it is working

The games on Simuland function with turns with a fixed duration (example: every 3 hours). That means that you have a turn duration (in our example: 3 hours) to take note of the results of your company of the preceding turn, and to think of the decisions to take for the following turn. At the end of this turn, simulation evolves/moves (it is almost instantaneous), and then a new turn begins.

In addition, there exist games of various levels. When you begin on Simuland you are level 1: you will be able to play only on games of level 1. Then while playing in these games, you will win points and you will become level 2 (see the assistance for an exact explanation on the passage of the levels). From there, you will have access to superior level games. However you will be able to continue to play in the games of lower level.

Access to all the pages concerning your company

Once you returned on a game, after having clicked on: “Play in a game” or “Join a game”, you have a menu on your left with all the accessible pages concerning your company in this game:

Game pages available
- Game pages available from the left menu -
  • Results page: gather the principal results of your company
  • Employees page: management of the employees: number, wages, formation
  • Machines page: purchase,sale or repair machine orders
  • Production page: management of all that relates to the production
  • Infrastructures page: management of the grounds and the buildings
  • Marketing page: management of Publicity and the R & D
  • Accounts Department page: management of the receipts, expenditure and loans

Please go to this help page to have an overview more detailled of the contents of the pages and and to the help available on each page of the games.

General description of the pages

Every page have the same structure :

Page structure
- Page structure of the game -
  1. the mitres make it possible to reach: :
    • with the data of the current turn,
    • with the graphs representing the evolution of the data during the past turns,
    • and with the assistance specific to the page.
  2. data of the current turn
  3. your personalized calculations if you have ones
  4. the decision form and buttons to reach the following pages

Recall, in order to make the good decisions, you can consult graphs or the assistance for each page !

Statistical of the games

For each game, there exists a page of statistics. This page is a summary of results of the game. You find there in particular :
- player ranking
- the three best companies for market parts, notoriety, quality, ...
- machines statistics
- a lot of mean graphics for important data

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