Simuland History

  • June 2023 : New modern design of the site

    Trends and technolgies evolve, so do we!

  • April 2022: addition of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) management

    It is important to think about its employees, its social environment and the environment. We are counting on you to become a master in this field!

  • January 2021: improved employee management

    Human Resources (HR) are very important, and we have added pay slips, turnover, ...

  • June 2017 : new Simuland version (v5)

    New version with a modern design. Updated several features to please more people!

  • April 2014 : New version of Simuland (v4)

    After many month of development, we finally updated the game with this new version of Simuland. It includes : HTML5 interface and a responsive design to adapt the site for all supports, smartphone, ...

  • June 2012 : Simulation improvements

    Continuation on long term work: integration of your remarks to improve simulation realism.

  • January 2010 : level 3 added

    After a lot of requests, we added a level 3 with a lot of new options.

  • April 2008: Launching of Simuland v3

    Simuland again change its look, in order to improve synergies between the results, the graphs, the assistance and decision makings on each page. In addition to that, all the menus and the contents of the pages have been worked over again.

  • February 2008: Launching of a second level for games

    Since the launching of Simuland, the players played on level 1, with a number of results and decisions fixed . Simuland now proposes, after the players proved reliable on level 1, to play on level 2. They can then manage the sales representative employees, all the infrastructures of their company, their suppliers…

  • November 2007: Simuland has 4000 member registered

    In four months, Simuland passed from 2000 to 4000 members. As administrators, we must follow this strong growth, which is accompanied by increased requests of the players in term of functionalities and quality.

  • September 2007: English version available

    From this date, the English language version of Simuland is available. The English language is one of the more spoken language in the world, Simuland can thus be played by almost all the players of planet.

  • August 2007: Change of hosting provider

    The number of the players is increasing, and our first hosting provider is not sufficiently dimensioned any more to support new players. So we change of provider then, and all the problems are solved.

  • July 2007: Simuland has 2000 member registered

    After one year, Simuland counts already 2000 members. Your comments thus encourage us to continue.

  • June 2007: New site lift, launching of Simuland (v2)

    Simuland makes new skin, with a new design. The rudimentary design of the v1, nevertheless pretty, leaves the place to a new design making it possible to the player to feel in the best conditions to play.

  • May 2006: Launching of Simuland (v1)

    After several months of development from stefkiller and fluminis, we put on line of the web site.
    A few days later, the first players arrived.