Do you want to play to become the Boss of your own company ?

Don't look further : Simuland, the online business simulation game, is made for you!

You will be alone to manage:
- human resources
- investments in Research and Development
- strategic positioning of your products
- stocks
- financial deals
- purchase of machinery
- investment in real estate...

Grow your business, gain market shares face to your competitors. And become the Big Boss of Simuland by dominating the market and all the other companies.

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Simuland for education

The Simuland serious game combines the fun aspect and the rigor of the concepts covered. Taht allows you to present the concepts seen in class through a concrete application.

Developing team spirit and entrepreneurial spirit of your students during a motivating and challenging tournament is also possible!

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Simuland for Team Building

Develop the team spirit of your team with our business game.

In small, medium or large groups, you will get caught up in the game.

During a one-off event or over several days, who will become the best?

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